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Need an extended vehicle warranty but confused about your options?

You're not alone. When you buy a brand new car, it typically comes with its own built-in warranty coverage. However, after that coverage expires, many are left wondering what to do. Some opt for no coverage, while the more responsible drivers seek the comfort and security they can only experience by purchasing an extended vehicle warranty.

When you purchase a vehicle from a dealership, they often try to sell you a vehicle service contract, or extended auto warranty. While many people feel that this is a way for the dealership to squeeze extra money out of them, it is actually a good investment.

With the ever-increasing cost of repairs, a service contract can actually save you a lot of money should your vehicle need repairing. When you are considering if an extended warranty is right for you and what plan will best fit your need, here are a few questions that you should ask yourself.

Consider what coverage you currently have and how long you plan on keeping your vehicle.
If you just purchased a brand new vehicle, take a look at the factory warranty. Many factory warranties will cover the car for 3 years or 36,000 miles. If you only plan on keeping the vehicle two or three years, then an extended warranty may not be for you. If you plan on keeping the car well past the factory warranty expiration, then an extended warranty makes sense. If you purchased a used vehicle, find out if there is any warranty coverage provided by the dealership or if there is any factory warranty coverage remaining (this will depend upon how many miles are on the vehicle and the age of the vehicle). Some manufacturers even offer “certified used” programs that will extended the original factory warranty. If the vehicle you purchase is not under warranty, then an extended warranty should be considered. 
Who is behind the warranty that you're considering?
An extended auto warranty may be backed by an independent warranty company ( aftermarket or third party warranties) or by the covered vehicle's manufacturer.  No matter what company backs the warranty, check their rating. The underwriting company should be rated by A.M. Best and the Better Business Bureau. (A.M. Best is a credit rating organization dedicated to serving the insurance industry.) When shopping around, find out who is underwriting the policy and check out their ratings. The A.M. Best rating should be at least an A+ and their BBB rating should be at least an A.
What's the nature of its deductible?
Look at the deductible. Figure out how much it is and if it is per visit or per repair. Most warranties offer per visit, but do your homework. If you obtain a policy that has a per repair deductible, you could be paying more than you expect. If you take your vehicle in and more than one part need to be repair, then you will have to pay a decutible for each part that is fixed. With a per visit deductible, you will pay one deductible every time you visit, no matter how many repairs are conducted during the visit.  The amount of the deductible will range depending upon the poilcyt. While the lower the deductible, the more the plan will cost, if you bring your vehicle infor several repairs, the lower deductible will be worth it.
Is the warranty transferable?
See if the warranty can be transferred, should you decided to sell the car. If it is, then it can be an excellent selling point to prospective buyers is you should sell your vehicle.
Can repairs be performed at any repair shop?
For some people, getting to the dealership where the warranty was purchased can prove to be difficult or inconvenient. Opt for a warranty that will allow you to choose a service and repair shop.
What exactly is covered?
Each person needs a different level of coverage for their vehicle. Figure out what is covered in each plan. Does it cover wear and tear as well as break down? Does it cover all the gadgets that your vehicle is loaded with? Figure all this out and choose the plan that will best fit your needs and will keep you from having to pay a high repair bill.
When purchasing an extended auto warranty, or extended service contract, there are two types of warranties that you may come across: factory backed extended warranty and aftermarket warranty. For many consumers, they might think they are getting a factory backed warranty, but instead get an aftermarket warranty. In many ways they are similar, but there are different in certain ways as well.
Listed below are a comparison of the two that will make you more informed as a consumer.
Factory Backed Extended Warranty

A factory backed extended warranty is any vehicle protection plan that is offered by or endorsed by the manufacturer. They can cover various components of the vehicle. Most factory extended warranties can range from coverage of the powertrain to comprehensive coverage which can encompass most component of the vehicle. The range in coverage varies depending upon the manufacturer, the company selling the warranty, and the coverage levels. Along with covering components of your vehicle they can also offer benefits such as roadside assistance, alternate transportation and trip interruption. They can be purchased through a local dealership or through direct marketers.

Aftermarket Warranty

An aftermarket warranty can be equal to or of greater value to a comparable factory backed extended warranty. They can even offer the same benefits, if not more, than those of a factory backed plan, but you need to be careful when reviewing the actual vehicle service contract for the specific coverage the plan offers.The only real difference is that an aftermarket warranty is not offered or endorsed by the manufacturer and a warranty administrator other than the manufacturer of a vehicle. These warranties can be purchased through local dealers, banks, credit unions, insurance agencies, direct marketers and local repair facilities.
So when you are looking at purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle, you now have the knowledge to know he difference between an aftermarket warranty and a factory backed extended warranty. Now you can choose which one is right for you with confidence.

We will customize an extended vehicle warranty to fit your needs taking into account all of your concerns - including offering the most affordable prices!With an extended vehicle warranty from West Side Mitsubishi, protecting your vehicle has never been easier. If you want the peace of mind and security that comes with an extended vehicle warranty, don't leave it to chance. It's not a question of if you'll need to repair your car; it's when? Unfortunately, car breakdowns can happen at any time and costs continue to rise. A West Side Mitsubishi Business Manger can offer you a wide range of vehicle warranties that will safeguard against such a potentially costly event.



If your vehicle is in a repair facility undergoing repairs for a covered component, your contract provides a rental car for alternate transportation.*



Emergency roadside service will be dispatched to your vehicle for*:
• Towing - Service to the nearest qualified repair facility.
• Tire Change - Service to change tires in the event of a flat.
• Jump-Start - Service to start a weak or dead battery.
• Fuel Delivery - Service to provide gas or fluids (except for the cost of fluids)



In the event the keys for your vehicle are lost, broken, or accidentally locked in your vehicle. We will pay or reimburse your expense for the services of a licensed locksmith to unlock your vehicle*.



Most Plans have the added protection of expense coverage for overnight stays and meals incurred if you are left stranded due to the failure of a covered component and you are more than 100 miles from your home. We provide reimbursement for expenses for trip interruption*.



Your contract is honored in both the United States and Canada. If you happen to be traveling, you have peace of mind that repairs of a covered component will be taken care of for you. Just call our toll-free claims number for prior approval*.



Most contracts may be transferred to the next owner of your vehicle if you decide to sell it. This may even increase the resale value of your vehicle from day one*.



Most of our extended service plans come with a 30-Day money back guarantee. If you change your mind for any reason in the first 30 days and have had no claims, you can cancel your contract for a full refund *.



Choices are always good. Choose coverage from basic powertrain to top of the line comprehensive coverage. Extended auto warranties are available from 12 months/12,000 miles up to 7 years/120,000 miles, with deductibles from $0 to $250 from the most respected administrators in the industry. only partners with the best of the best. Our careful selection of auto warranty administrators represents organizations that hold both BBB and AM Best "A rated" standards. In which provides stability in eligible claims protection. Simply put, your claims get paid.



Easy monthly payments. No Finance Charges, No Credit Check, No Hidden Fees, Instant Qualification. Simply enjoy carefree vehicle protection with a small down payment and manageable subsequent monthly payments. * Please see your extended service contracts terms and conditions for details.

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