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Mitsubishi's All Wheel Control System

Award-winning All-Wheel Control technology, first developed by Mitsubishi for their racing program, improves handling, safety and performance in various conditions. It works by continually monitoring the road and transferring power to the wheels with the most traction to improve handling in the most challenging conditions, including driving on snow or ice. It achieves this by having the Active Center Differential (ACD), Active Yaw Control (AYC), Active Stability Control (ASC), and Sport ABS systems work together in a new and revolutionary manner. When the driving conditions, your mood or the weather change and you feel you need more control, you simply bush the AWC button which will make your vehicle adapt and improve your driving experience. Contact West Side Mitsubishi for more information.



More Control


Better Safety


Higher Performance



Check out these videos to learn more about Mitsubishi's AWC system!